You will get a new right from 20 July due to change the law by Modi government


(Deepshikha Gautam, Intern Journalist) Delhi: On 20 July, the central government is going to implement a new law. Customers are the biggest beneficiaries of the implementation of this new law. If the government accepts the claims, then for the next 50 years, no new law will be required for the customers. The new Consumer Protection Act-2019 will come into force from July 20 across the country. The central government has also issued notifications. It will replace the nearly 35-year-old Consumer Protection Act-1986. Recently, Consumer and Food Affairs Minister Ram Vilas Paswan said that after its implementation, there will be no need for any law to be enacted for the next 50 years for the customers.

After the new law comes into force, misleading advertising in relation to a product will become costly as the new Act provides for action on misleading advertising. After the new law, consumer disputes can be settled in a timely, effective, and speedy manner. Under the new law, a central consumer protection authority has been created along with consumer courts. This authority will vigorously protect the interests of the consumer, this authority will also have the authority to impose fines and sentences.