Uncontrollable situation in California,


(Aditya Shaw, Intern Journalist) The number of corona patients in the world exceeded 8.49 crores. More than 6 crore 01 lakh people have been cured. So far, more than 18 lakh 42 thousand people have lost their lives. These figures are according to www.worldometers.info/coronavirus. In America, the situation is worsening due to infection. There was already a shortage of beds in California hospitals. Now the number of serious patients is increasing rapidly here. This is the reason why people have been appealed for blood donation.

Health Department Appeal
The California Health Department issued an appeal on Saturday. In this, people have been appealed for blood donation. The statement said – Our state is grappling with the rising infection of Covid-19. This is a very difficult time. Our blood centers are in dire need of blood units. Please, people from every blood group come forward for donation. If you want to combat this epidemic, everyone has to come together. We have to save the lives of our people.

According to News, 585 infectives died in California alone on Saturday. This is the largest figure of deaths in a day. How bad the situation is going to be can be gauged that apart from health care workers, the National Guard and the US Army Health Unit have also been deployed. Airforce’s help is being taken to shift patients.

New Year celebration was overwhelming
New Year Celebration was also overshadowed in America. The health department released a statement here on Saturday. It was told that a total of one lakh 60 thousand cases were reported on the next day of New Year i.e. January 2.

Crisis in Tokyo
According to a News report, infections and serious cases are increasing in the Japanese capital. Health Ministry said in the briefing Saturday night- In Tokyo, the infection is now increasing again. There are a total of 716 patients in hospitals here, whose condition is very critical. Things can get more difficult in winter. On Saturday, 54 people died in a single day.

The Governor of Tokyo has demanded an emergency in the city. Governor Yuriko Koike said – We must decide that this infection does not spread rapidly. If you have to take strict measures for this, then definitely do it.

Vaccine Side Effects
The American company Pfizer’s Corona vaccine has seen serious side effects in five people. The Medicines Agency of Finland has received this complaint. Two days ago, Pfizer was approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) for emergency use across the world.

According to the news, mass vaccination drives started in European countries on 27 December. Pfizer was approved by Europe for emergency use. Finland’s Chief Physician Maia Kaukonen said that so far five people have complained of side effects. Their details are convincing, so cannot be made public. However, soon we will upload information about the reaction on our website. He said that the cases of reaction may increase further.