Twitter, FB, and Instagram block Trump’s accounts, warning to close Permanente


(Aditya Shaw, Intern Journalist): President Donald Trump’s supporters, inside and outside the US Parliament, died in the violence when a woman was shot. It is not clear whether the police opened fire or someone else. Meanwhile, Twitter, Facebook blocked Trump’s accounts. Social media sites disputed a video of Trump. Twitter warned that if Trump breaks the rules in the future, his account could be closed forever.

Facebook said – Trump’s video threatens violence
Twitter deleted 3 tweets related to Trump’s conflicting statements. This is the first time this has happened. Earlier, Facebook and YouTube removed Trump’s video. Facebook Vice President (Integrity) Gue Rosen said that it is an emergency, Trump’s video could provoke violence.

Trump had said – the election was deceived – after the violence in Capitol Hill, Trump posted a 1-minute video on Twitter telling his supporters – I know you’re sad. The election was taken away from us. This time the election was cheated, but we cannot play in those hands. We have to keep the peace, you return home.