Treason case filed against six students of Saket in Ayodhya


Aatmja Kumari(Intern Journalist): Lucknow: A case of sedition filed on six students of Saket College agitating for the demand of students’ union elections has been withdrawn for want of evidence. The police did not get evidence related to the case during the investigation after which the sedition case has been dropped, but the case registered under other sections is still being investigated. The students were accused of raising vulgar and anti-national slogans.

Let us tell you that on December 13 last, students started indefinite dharna in Saket College, demanding to hold student union elections. After a three-day sit-in, college administration and administrative officials held talks with the agitated students. After the talks, a committee was formed to hold elections by the college administration and the students were assured that this committee would give its recommendation on 28 December. The election will be decided on the same basis. After this, the students agreed and ended the picket, but the next day, the college administration declared a holiday from January 18 to 4. After which the students were again infuriated.

In the college campus, the angry students shouted slogans and locked the entrance. After this incident, on behalf of the principal of the college, against the six students in Ayodhya Kotwali, against the nominee Tahrir, it was alleged that the students not only closed the gate of the college, treated the students indecently and took hostage, but entered the classrooms and gave the students Banned due to which classes were affected. Apart from this, they will also raise slogans like freedom and anti-country slogans. A case was filed against the accused students in various serious sections including sections 124A, 188, 332,342, 506 of IPC against the accused students.

CO Ayodhya Rajesh Rai said that section 124A of the sedition case filed against the six accused students has been removed for want of evidence. No evidence related to the allegations has been found during the deliberations. The case registered in other sections is still being discussed, on the basis of which action will be taken.