(Harleen Kaur, Intern Journalist )Deoria: A truck caught fire on Friday morning due to exposure to high-tension wire in the railway goods warehouse premises, causing the driver to burn. The driver has been admitted to the district hospital for treatment.

Omprakash Yadav, a resident of village Chachihwa of Rampur factory station area, is a truck owner and also drives it. On arrival of the PCF rack in the warehouse, he arrived at the warehouse with his truck and started reversing the truck. During this, he came in contact with the hanging high-tension wire, which caused a current in the truck. The truck’s wheel caught fire. Omprakash, who came in contact with the truck, was also struck by the current. Truck drivers standing around somehow ejected them and extinguished the truck fire.

Truck owners and drivers demonstrated

Truck owners and drivers had a demonstration led by Raghavendra Bahadur Singh, President of the Truck Owners Association. He said that many times the wire was removed with the removal of this electric pole, but no one paid attention to it. We will not lift until the wire is tightened with the removal of the electric pole. A new electric pole was installed immediately after the demonstration. Subhash Madhesia, Sohan Yadav, Vikas Kumar, etc. were present.