The beginning of the end of Corona


(Deepshikha Gautam, Intern Journalist) New Delhi: In the midst of the ever-increasing outbreak of the global pandemic Coronavirus (Covid-19), more than 17.41 lakh people have died and more than 7.93 crore people have been infected by this pandemic. Coronavirus has so far infected 7,93,10,157 people in 191 countries, while 17 lakh 41 thousand 837 patients have died. The number of infected in the most affected states of Corona has crossed 1.86 million while 3,29,022 people have died. In India, the second largest country of infections, the number of infected people has crossed 1,01,46,846, and more than 97.17 lakh people have become infection-free. Due to the higher number of healthy cases than new cases, active cases have come down to 2.81 lakh, while the number of dead has increased to 1,47,092. At the same time, at present, the Coronavirus vaccine is being given to priority groups in 11 countries of the world. The vaccine produced by US-Germany company Pfizer-BioNotech is being used the most.

Experimental vaccines from six companies in China have already received a large number of vaccines in many states. On December 18, China announced that it would vaccinate 50 million people in the at-risk group. In the first phase, two and a half million people will be vaccinated by January 15. President Vladimir Putin announced the beginning of the vaccination campaign in early December. Now indigenous vaccine Sputnik-V is being given to doctors, teachers and social workers in Russia.
The vaccine is also available at common clinics in the capital Moscow. It became the first European country to introduce vaccination. It started on December 7 and so far six lakh people have received Pfizer’s Corona vaccine.
Health workers and people above 80 years of age have been placed on the priority list.

In Canada, vaccination started on 14 December with Pfizer’s Corona vaccine. Canada has made upfront purchases of dosages five times more than its population. The first vaccine in Canada is being given to staff associated with health services. Vaccination started US on 14 December with Pfizer-BioNtech’s Corona vaccine, then Moderna’s vaccine also got emergency approval. Newly elected President Joe Biden also got vaccinated. In the first phase, the health workers and then those above 75 years of age are being vaccinated.