SP Balasubramanian’s funeral is over. The Balu funeral was held at the Tamaraipakam Farmhouse with the formalities of the Tamil Nadu state government.

(Milcah Anila, Intern Journalist) Chennai: Legendary singer, actor, and music director SP Balasubramanian has passed away. SP Balasubramanian’s funeral ended on Saturday afternoon at the Tamaraipakkam Farmhouse in Tiruvallur district on the outskirts of Chennai. 

SP Charan conducted the funeral for his father. The boy was buried after completing the traditional Vedic ritual and according to the Shruti Saiva deity tradition.

According to this tradition the Balu was seated and buried. He sat down as if in a chair, stretched his legs, and was buried. In Tamil Nadu, Veerashaiva Jangama and Aradhya castes are seated and buried in this way. 

It is reported that most castes in Tamil Nadu follow a similar tradition. Usually, Vaishnavism does not bury those who have lived any life. Are burned. But, burial is done in Veerashaivas. It was also in a sitting position. The same thing happened in the case of Balu.

Meanwhile, Tamil film celebrities and fans said a tearful goodbye to the SP Balu. Tamil star hero Dalapati Vijay Balu attended the funeral and paid tributes to him. Also, Minister Anil Kumar Yadav was present on behalf of the Andhra Pradesh State Government. Film celebrities Devi Sri Prasad, Bharathiraja, Mano, Action King Arjun, and others are said to have attended the funeral.