Aatmja Kumari(Intern Journalist): Former officers of the Indian Armed Forces have now opened a front against the Uddhav government in connection with the assault on former Navy officer Madan Sharma in Mumbai. He has issued a statement condemning the incident. He said that we are the proud citizens of India.

History is witness that whenever the hour of trouble came, we fought it with bravery and protected our nation. Such an incident is incredibly shocking and never accepted for us. Madan Sharma, a former Navy officer, appears helpless against the goons. He was beaten up severely by Shiv Sena workers. Due to which the former officer suffered deep injuries, was shocked and his honor was shocked.

He said that this is the time when the whole country will awaken its nationalist sentiments and remember the service of former officers of the Indian Armed Forces by honoring them. We sacrificed our youth so that our people would be safe in their homes. Therefore, protecting the dignity, honor, and safety of these ex-servicemen should be the priority of all Indians. We have made our country proud by introducing sacrifice and valor. Therefore, we are not entitled to face such a beating. As in the case of Madan Sharma.

Instead of showing strictness against such hooliganism, all the criminals and local Shiv Sena chief who beat up former Navy officer Madan Sharma got bailed within minutes, which has hurt the honor as well as the injury. It is unbelievable that the Mumbai Police and the Government of Maharashtra have not done anything to bring justice to this whole matter so far. Therefore, all former officers of the Indian Armed Forces strongly condemn this incident.

Retired Navy officer Madan Sharma, injured in the attack by Shiv Sainiks, was discharged from the hospital on Saturday. After which, in conversation with the media, he said that if the government cannot handle law and order, then Uddhav Thackeray should resign.

He said that something very bad happened to me. I am a senior citizen. Shiv Sainiks had called me to talk, but without talking, started beating. After the beating, the police were sent to my house for arrest. There is political pressure on the police.