Random rapid investigation of Corona started on Delhi-Noida border


(Pooja Dubey, Intern Journalist) In view of the increasing Corona infection in Delhi, the Noida administration has started random testing at the border of people coming from Delhi. Investigations are underway at five entry points and 11 metro stations. Rapid antigen test is being done here, which is being reported in 8-10 minutes.

Noida administration is conducting random rapid testing of people going to Noida on DND flyover, Chilla border. Noida CMO Deepak Ohri said Random rapid testing will be done from now till evening. Tests are being done to check whether the infection is coming from outside in Noida.

A random investigation is being conducted along the Noida Delhi border on the instructions of the DM. The DM has said that after a report from the Health Department, a decision will be taken as to what action should be taken. The CMO has said that there will be random testing in Ashok Nagar on Thursday. He told that if the report which is positive is from Delhi, then it will be sent for Delhi isolation and if it is from Noida then it will be isolated in Noida.