Property dealers in Lucknow plotting on pond land


Lucknow: In Hariharpur bordering Shaheed Path under Sarojninagar tehsil, unscrupulous land fields put benches from the government pond recorded in the revenue records to the baseless barren and safe lands worth crores of rupees. When the matter was investigated by SDM Sarojninagar Kinshuk Srivastava on the complaint of the villagers, cases of large-scale illegal occupation of government lands started surfacing.

On Friday, on the order of SDM, the Tehsil personnel with the heavy police force in Hariharpur Government land Naveen Parati Gata number 440 acreage 0.484 hectares, Usar land Gata number 361 acreage 0.683 hectares and pond Gata number 290 acreage 0.089 hectare land on the property by illegal dealer The plotting and boundary wall occupied by the land was dropped by JCB. According to SDM Sarojninagar
The value of the land freed from illegal occupation is about nine crores fifty-two lakhs. A lawsuit will be filed against all those who are illegally occupying the boundary wall and plotting it. Lekhpal has been ordered for this.

Construction has been done on government land on a large scale in Hariharpur. On Friday, the revenue workers who came to take action on government land removed the plotting and boundary wall but neither did any action on the house under construction nor any action was taken on the multi-storeyed buildings. At the same time, on asking the revenue workers, they were told that demolition is possible only after the proceedings of Section 67 on these houses.

No action is taken during illegal construction

There is illegal construction on government land everywhere in Hariharpur but the revenue workers posted here to take some action on their behalf on illegal construction. Even after the complaint comes to the notice of the higher officials, the revenue workers on the orders of the high officials to remove the illegal construction In the name of Khanapurti, the proceedings are abolished. That is why multi-story buildings were erected on the prized government land in Hariharpur and the local accountants kept their eyes closed.