(Pooja Dubey, Intern Journalist) Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said on Sunday that Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his address to the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort on 15 August will present a new roadmap for self-reliant India. Singh said this in an online event organized to pay tribute to freedom fighter and revolutionary Udham Singh.

He said that various departments and ministries of the government are working seriously towards Modi’s initiative of self-reliant India. This is an attempt to give a new dimension to Mahatma Gandhi’s emphasis on Swadeshi. Our government did not allow India’s self-respect and sovereignty to suffer at any cost. 

Talking about the self-reliance initiative, he said that the coronavirus epidemic has shown that if a country is not self-sufficient, it cannot be able to defend its sovereignty effectively. In his address from the ramparts of the Red Fort, the Prime Minister will present a new outline to the country by taking it.

He said the decision to ban the importation of 101 military weapons and equipment that big and harsh decisions were being taken to encourage self-sufficiency in defense production. Major weapon systems will now be built in India and the country will explore the possibility of exporting them to become the hub of defense manufacturing.

On Sunday morning, in an important initiative to boost the domestic defense industry, the Minister of Defense had announced a moratorium on the import of 101 arms and military equipment by 2024. These include light combat helicopters, cargo aircraft, conventional submarines, and cruise missiles.