Pakistan returned the second installment of the loan to Saudi by taking a loan from China


Jagriti Rai (intern journalist), Pakistan has repaid another installment of the loan taken by Saudi Arabia by paying one billion dollars. To repay this debt, Imran khan’s government has taken a loan from China. Pakistan is yet to pay the third and final installment of Saudi Arabia in January. For this also, there is a possibility of taking another loan from China

According to a Pakistani newspaper, the Imran government has paid two installments to Saudi Arabia with two billion dollars from China. Whereas for the third installment, the government is under pressure to take loans once again from China itself

Let me tell you that when Pakistan was on the verge of bankruptcy last year, it saved Saudi Arabia by giving it 6.2 billion dollars was in the form of a cash loan. The remaining $ 3.2 billion was given as borrowing oil

According to the newspaper report, the kind of pressure that Saudi Arabia put on Pakistan to repay the debt does not create any other country

China will get us out of trouble

The newspaper quoted an official of the Pakistani finance ministry as saying that China will now get Pakistan out of trouble. The official admitted that our talks with the commercial banks of China are on

Please tell, that when Saudi asked for his loan back then Pak army chief Bajwa went to Riyadh and tried hard to defer the matter. But the Saudi crown prince did not even meet him