(Deepshikha Gautam, Intern Journalist) Shimla: An important astronomical event will happen today and a wonderful view will be seen in the solar system. Mars will be closest to Earth and will appear shining in its bright orange color. Astrology researcher and astrology author of a science research book, Gurmeet Bedi said that amazing things will happen that on this day Mars will be opposite to Sun and Earth will be directly situated between Mars and Sun. With this, Mars along with Earth and Sun will appear in a straight line. According to Gurmeet Bedi, those who will miss seeing this astronomical event and this amazing sight in the solar system this time will have to wait another 15 years and such a view will be seen only on September 11, 2035. You will be able to see Mars with your own eyes on Tuesday.

Gurmeet Bedi said that the most spectacular and most amazing view will also be that on Tuesday evening when the sun is setting in the west, Mars will be rising in the east. According to Gurmeet Bedi, in astronomy, this astronomical phenomenon is called Mars at Opposition. The coming together of the three planets of the Sun, Earth, and Mars will be a truly memorable day for those interested in astronomy. Mars will move in the south direction till midnight and if you have a high-quality telescope you will be able to get a glimpse of the planet’s surface.