Mahadev’s Damru solved the big problems,


(Deepshikha Gautam, Intern Journalist) Kanpur: The Vedas and Puranas provide a lot of information about Shiva and his damru, but this damru, which was part of the religious stories, is now going to provide solutions to many problems. The research team of IIT Kanpur made the shape of Damru’s hourglass, by creating a honeycomb-like mesh mesh inside it, to create the ability to stop vibration.
According to IIT Kanpur professor Bisakh Bhattacharya, this technique can be used to protect sea submarines from enemy radars (steeled), to secure bridges from highspeed trains and to strengthen body-tested ultrasonic imaging.

According to Professor Bhattacharya of the Mechanical Engineering Department, it is believed that Mahadev’s damru originated from the camel. This sound has special significance for the creation of the universe and to keep it moving. Similar hours were created by taking inspiration from the shape of Damru. Two types of microstructures were developed for over glasses. In one hourglass, the structure on both sides (lattice) is exactly like a beehive, while the other lattice is of an auxetic structure.
Contrary to the laws of nature, the auxetic material becomes larger when pulled. After connecting several glasses with both types of microstructure, the result was that this structure would be able to control the vibrations generated by the sound waves.
Some waves will move forward, some will end completely.

The path opened for the stalled submarines – the professor said that it is important to protect the submarines from the enemy radar. Vibration and sound waves identify enemy radar submarines.
Stead technology is needed to close this signature. Overglass has the capability to deliver stand-alone technology. When the second radar discovers Submarine, the Hourglass will not allow the Sound Wave to move forward.

Necessary for highspeed trains – In addition, there is a need to eliminate high-frequency sound waves for highspeed magnetic or hyperloop trains. By placing the over glass system at any angle, it will prevent frequency. The advantage will be that any structure or bridge that a high-speed train will pass, there will be no scope for collapsing from its vibration.

Ultrasound capacity will increase – Similarly, doctors use ultrasonic imaging (ultrasound) to detect diseases inside the body. The problem is that no small tumors or slight changes in the body are detected by imaging. For this only radioactive treatment is available, which is very painful for the patient. Ultrasonic imaging capability will be increased with the help of Hourglass. With this, the signal returning from the body will not reach the machine quickly and immediately. It can also be controlled at the microscale. In this project sponsored by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, apart from Professor Bhattacharya, his Ph.D. student Vivek Gupta and Professor Sandeepan Adhikari of Swansea University were supported.