(Manisha Mahar, Intern Journalist); When will the Corona Virus Vaccine (COVID-19 Vaccine) arrive in India? How much does this cost? Where will it be available? These questions are constantly arising in the minds of all the citizens. In view of this, Adar Poonawala, CEO of the vaccine company Serum Institute of India, has answered these questions. He says that the Oxford covid-19 vaccine will be available to health workers and elderly people by 20 February and to the general public by April.

Apart from this, he has said that its two doses will cost a maximum of one thousand rupees. They believe that probably by 2024 every Indian will get vaccinated. Poonawala said that perhaps every Indian will get vaccinated in two to three years. Apart from the supply of vaccine, you will need a budget, logistics, infrastructure. In addition, people have to prepare to take the vaccine. In such a situation, all the people will be vaccinated by 2024.

Poonawalla, during the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit (HTLS), while answering a question about the price of the vaccine, said that the cost of two essential doses would be Rs. 1000. The Indian government will buy the vaccine in large quantities, so it will be available cheaply with it. It will be priced close to Covacs. Compared to other vaccines in the market, we are providing the corona vaccine much cheaper.