Kangana Ranaut talks about Arnab Goswami


Debalina Mandal (Intern Journalist) New Delhi: Kangana Ranaut finally breaks her silence and reacted to Arnab Goswami’s leaked Whatsapp chat, where Arnab claimed she is ‘schizophrenic’ and has ‘erotomania’ and also alleged that she is sexually possessed with actor Hrithik Roshan.

Kangana responded to a woman on Twitter, who accused her of throwing unnecessary rage over the Television series, Tandav, and Twitter to temporarily suspend her account because she cannot comment anything bad about Arnab for the fear of displeasing ‘bhakts’.

Kangana replied in Hindi, “Rohini Ji, high-level people do not talk about petty things, but petty people only like to talk about petty things. Have it your way, let us gossip a little. Arnab ji just said what Hrithik told him. I first met in 2019 and he was ashamed of his 2017 interview with Hrithik. Understand?”

In another tweet, Kangana wrote, “Do you want more gossip? Why did Hrithik say this, why did the relationship sour, how did Arnab become my friend after being Hrithik’s friend, etc etc? These libru gossip mongers have destroyed the atmosphere of the country. Stop sneakily eating murabba and reading everyone’s chats and emails.”

Yet in another news, she twitted, “Till date, I have never dared to see anyone’s leaked private chats, letters, emails, pictures, and videos, no matter who’s it has been. It is a matter of moral values, character, and self-respect. Librus will not understand.