Is RBI planning to scrap old notes of Rs.100, 10, and 5?


Jagriti Rai ( intern journalist ), New Delhi: Days after an official of the reserve bank of India said that the old series of currency notes including Rs. 100, Rs. 10, Rs. 5 may be scrapped, multiple fake news have flooded social media

A new report published in a Hindi newspaper claimed that the central bank has planned to withdraw Rs. 100, Rs. 10, and Rs. 5 notes by march 2021, soon the picture of the report went viral on many social media platforms, triggering panic in many

Later the press information bureau ( PIB) conducted a fact check and debunked the report ” It is being claimed that hundred, ten and five rupee notes will no longer be legal tender from march 21, as per the information given by RBI . This claim is false “, the PIB tweeted


Several such false claims have been made especially since Prime minister Narendra Modi, in a surprise move on November 8, 2016, announced the withdrawal of currency notes of Rs. 1000 and Rs. 500 denomination from the banking system. The move came to be known as “demonetization”

In 2018, the RBI had issued new look currency notes in the denomination of. 10, Rs. 50, Rs. 100 and Rs. 500 besides introducing Rs. 200 and Rs. 2000 banknotes