is Coronavirus transmitted via air?


(Bhagya Luxmi, Intern Journalist) The biggest debate worldwide is whether the coronavirus is airborne and whether the corona infection can spread to the air, after the proclamation by international researchers, and the WHO, now The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) will investigate the claim of the coronavirus spreading in the air. For this, samples will be taken from institutions in Hyderabad and Chandigarh, its report will come in 15 days. CSIR will find out how long the corona infection lasts in the air. Hundreds of scientists claim that small particles of coronavirus are present in the air, which can infect people. At the same time, CSIR will examine whether the coronavirus is airborne or not.

  • The report will come in 15 days

The government of India will examine the air of hospitals and this report will come in 15 days. The air samples will be taken by CSIR at Hyderabad’s Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology and Chandigarh’s Institute of Microbiotechnology in 2 labs. Then the air will be examined and based on that it will be decided how far and how long the corona infection can remain in the air. Technically, if a person talks for 5 minutes, more than 3000 such microparticles are released which can be conductors of COVID-19, but they cannot go very far.

  • Corona infection does not stay in the air for long

CSIR believes that there is no need to panic from the claims of 239 scientists about coronavirus infection spreading in the air. The coronavirus is temporarily present in the air, which does not mean that the virus is reaching everywhere and will infect everyone. According to CSIR DG Shekhar Mande, corona infection cannot spread far enough in the open air. So if you open the window doors and glass of your house, then there will be clean air, not corona infection. And due to open air, the infection cannot travel far.