Indian Culture: World’s Best Culture – Dr. Tripathi


Aatmja Kumari(Intern Journalist): In the seminar, Dr. Tripathi said that Sanskrit has been called Devvani language. Rigveda is the first book of the world, which contains all knowledge and science. Even literature like Ved Purana, Upanikhad, Dharmashastra, Rajshastra, Economics etc. are available. Which demonstrates the importance of Indian culture. Not only this, parents, gurus, scholars, maharishis and women have special place in Indian culture.

Three dozen students attended the seminar and gave their short research reading. A departmental council was also formed during this period. The Head of the Department of Sanskrit announced to teach an additional class of MA and BA a week from February 4 to 11. Dr. Manju Singh, Principal of the college Dr. Anand Goswami, Dr. Deepak Singh and other students were present in the program.