(Harleen Kaur, Intern Journalist)
India on Tuesday rejected the Chinese military’s claim of using microwave weapons on Indian soldiers in Ladakh. This claim was made by a Chinese professor. According to the professor’s claim, these weapons were used by the Chinese Army to evacuate the Indian Army occupied peaks in Ladakh. According to Indian officials, China is spreading ‘fake news’ about using microwave weapons, citing a Beijing professor.

According to the Examiner of Washington, the Beijing-based professor claimed that Chinese forces used these weapons to fight, in honor of the decades-old agreement not to use weapons. According to a UK newspaper, Jin Kenrang, associate dean of the School of International Studies at Renmin University, China, claimed that the two injuries captured by the Indian troops were strategically important. Soldiers attacked the peaks using microwave weapons due to orders not to fire. This created a situation like a microwave oven here and Indian soldiers started getting into trouble and they fled.