Great progress: WHO praises India over a sharp decline in covid 19 cases –


Jagriti Rai ( intern journalist ), New Delhi: As India is witnessing a decline in covid cases, the WHO praised the country for its efforts in tackling the pandemic

WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Cphebreyesus on Friday said that India has shown great progress in significantly driving down the number of Covid 19 cases

” This shows us that if we can do these simple public health solutions, we can beat the virus. With vaccines being added, we would even expect more and better outcomes ” he said

The center told Lok Sabha yesterday that the country is witnessing a sustained decline in the number of cases reported daily since the reported peak in mid-semester 2020

However, the resurgence of covid 19 cases has been reported from a number of countries in Europe and the Americas, therefore continuous monitoring of the evolving situation is being undertaken at all level, to pick up on the earliest signs of resurgence and issue necessary existing SOPs / Advisories accordingly, “ Minister of state for health Ashwini Choubey said in a written reply