Good news: permission granted for Haj pilgrimage but conditions apply, first flight on June 26


(Deepshikha Gautam, Intern Journalist) New Delhi: The good news for Haj pilgrims is that the Haj Committee of India announced Haj Action Plan 2021 on Thursday. However, due to Covid-19, some changes have been made for the Haj pilgrimage this time. The entire guidelines related to this are going to be released soon. Currently, Haj pilgrims will be selected through the lottery in January, and in July, pilgrims will be able to go from India. This time only people between 18 and 65 years will be allowed to perform Haj.

The Haj application form will be available from November 7. The last date for submission of the form is 10 December. Women going to Haj without a male relative will be able to apply by forming a group of only 3-3 instead of four. 500 seats have been reserved for these women. If application forms are submitted more than the quota, then in January 2021, the lottery will be taken out and the passengers will be selected.

Haj pilgrims selected in the lottery will have to deposit one lakh 50 thousand instead of the first installment of Haj expenditure of 81 thousand rupees. The last installment will have to be deposited by 1 March 2021. The Hajj Committee has not yet announced the total Hajj expenditure The Saudi Arabia departure of Haj pilgrims will start from 26 June and the last flight will take place on 13 July. This year, there will be Haj on 30 July and the return will start from 14 August. Master trainers will have to start training in February 2021.