Goddess Maa Mahagauri is the eighth form of Navadurga


(Deepshikha Gautam, Intern Journalist) Kanpur: The eighth form of Durga Mata is known as Mahagauri. His character is very careful. Mahagauri’s age is stated to be 8 years by “Ashta Varsha Bhaveda Gauri”. Mahagauri Mata has four arms. The vehicle of Mahagauri Devi is Taurus. There is Abhaya Mudra in the right hand above Mahagauri and Trident in the bottom right hand. She has Damru in the top left hand and Vara Mudra in the bottom left hand. The posture of Mahagauri is considered extremely calm. When Maa Gauri was in Parvati form to get Shiva Ji as a husband, she did a lot of hard penance. Parvati Ji’s body became black due to harsh penance.
Seeing his austerities, Shiva was very pleased and he made his body look very much like electric Prabha with the holy water of Ganges water. For this reason, she is called Mahagauri.

Mahagauri is worshiped on the eighth day in Navratri. By worshiping Mahagauri, all the sins of the devotees have washed away. By worshiping Mahagauri, sins, troubles, and sorrows never come to the person in the future.
Supernatural attainments are attained by the grace of Mahagauri. Worshiping Mahagauri fulfills all the wishes of the devotees and leads to life with happiness and prosperity.

Worship Method of Mahagauri:

  • Mother Gauri Mata is worshiped on the eighth day of Navratri, so wake up in the morning and bathe on that day and wear pure clothes.
  • After that place, a checkpoint in the temple of your house, on which install the statue or picture of Mahagauri.
  • After that bathe the idol of the mother with Ganga water and fill water in a pot of silver, copper, or mud on the outpost and place the urn by placing coconut on it.
  • Establish Sri Ganesh, Varuna, Navagraha, Shodash Matrika (16 Goddesses), Sapta Ghrit Matrika (Put seven vermillion dots) on the same post.
  • After that, light a lamp in front of Mother and take a resolution of the fast and pray to her that she takes away all your sorrows.
  • If Ashtami is worshiped in your house, then you can also provide food to the girls after worship.
  • It is considered auspicious.