Covaxin trial to be conducted on children above 12 years of age,


(Aditya Shaw, Intern Journalist): The indigenous corona vaccine “covaxin” trial will now be conducted on children above 12 years of age. The central government has approved Bharat Biotech for this. Covaxin is currently in the third round trial phase. In the last round also, it was used on some children above 12 years of age and the vaccine was completely safe.

The central government says that vaccination will start soon. Currently, only adults will be vaccinated, but after this trial of Covaxin, if the results are good, then vaccination of children in the future will also be possible. On 3 January, DCGI approved Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin and Serum Institute’s Kovshield for Emergency Use.

Covaxin and Covshield 100% safe
DCGI said pharma companies have been asked to “complete the Phase III trials and submit reports so that a permanent license can be decided.” DCGI said both vaccines have common or minor side effects. There are mild fever, allergies, etc. But both vaccines are 100% safe. Things like being impotent with vaccines are baseless.

It is possible that in the state where Covishield consignment will be sent, Covaxin should not be sent. This will not create any confusion during vaccination. For this, the standard operating procedure (SOP) will be fixed in two-three days. Both the approved vaccines will take two doses, with the goal of giving vaccines to 300 million people by July.