Corona havoc in Delhi


(Pooja Dubey, Intern Journalist) For the first time, 131 people have died in a day due to corona infection in the capital, while 7486 new patients have been found. The news of some relief is that 6901 people have overcome the infection. In view of the situation, CM of Delhi Kejriwal has called an all-party meeting today. 

This is the third peak of Corona in Delhi. Earlier, the first peak came in June and the second peak in September. Delhi had the highest number of deaths recorded during the first peak. During that time, due to the delay in getting the old record, this figure was getting more, but the number of daily deaths in the third peak is the highest in the past day.

According to the Health Department, 12.03 percent of the infected were found in 62,232 samples examined. The total number of infected has reached 5,03,084, out of which 4052,683 patients have become healthy. So far 7943 patients have died. The mortality rate of corona in Delhi is 1.58 percent and the infection rate is 9 percent. There are currently 42,458 active patients.

An official of the department said that now the data is gradually increasing after three days of lack of investigation due to the festival. Sometime back, RT-PCR investigations were taking place in Delhi around 10 thousand. On the last day, 19,085 investigations have been done using the RT-PCR technique. So far 55,90,654 investigations have been done.

Currently, 24842 patients are in home isolation. The number of beds in hospitals has now increased to 16884, out of which 9343 beds are filled. Covid Care Center also has 568 out of 8217 total beds. According to statistics, the highest number of deaths in the country is being recorded in Delhi.

The situation is that in the last 10 days, the death rate due to the deaths of corona patients was 1.48 percent, which is the highest compared to other states. The Central Government is also advising to re-strategize at the level of hospitals in Delhi.

More than 100 deaths for the second time in a month, more than 100 people died in a day for the second time in this month. Earlier on November 12, 104 patients died. On 13, 91, 14 on 96, 15 on 95 and 16 and 17 on November 99-99 people died. In the last seven days between November 12 and 18, for the first time 715 people died in seven days.