Cold wave in Delhi due to snowfall in the mountains,


(Aditya Shaw, Intern Journalist): Due to continuous snowfall in the mountains of North India, the cold has increased in Delhi. This is the reason why there is more feeling of chill in the morning and evening. The minimum temperature remains five degrees Celsius below normal. However, due to the effect of western disturbance, the temperature is expected to increase from Wednesday.

According to the Meteorological Department, the minimum temperature of the capital on Tuesday was 5.7 degrees Celsius, 5 degrees below normal. At the same time, the maximum temperature was 1 degree Celsius below normal at 25.3 degree Celsius. A day earlier, the minimum temperature was recorded at 6.3 degrees Celsius, 5 degrees below normal. In the last 24 hours, the maximum level of air humidity was recorded at 94 percent and a minimum of 44 percent. On Tuesday, hide and seek continued with clouds of sun throughout the day. Due to this, people also felt cold during the day. At the same time, the chill increased in the evening.

According to Skymet Weather chief scientist Mahesh Palawat, both of these winds have turned towards the east instead of the north-west. At the same time, the western disturbance has also become active. This will lead to a series of rain and snowfall in the mountains. Due to this, an increase in the minimum and maximum temperature can be recorded within the next 2 days. However, a drop in temperature will be recorded again after 2 days.
Talking about other areas of Delhi, Lodi Road recorded a minimum temperature of 6.8 degrees Celsius and Aya Nagar’s lowest 6.7 degrees Celsius. Mungeshpur recorded 7.1 degree Celsius and Palam 9.6 degree Celsius. Due to continuous snowfall on the mountains, the winter of December is feeling in Delhi at this time. This is the reason that the 17-year record of winter in Delhi has been broken recently. Earlier in the year 2003, on November 29, the minimum temperature was recorded at 6.1 degrees Celsius.