China is not allowing chartered airline for Indian students, India raises issue


(Aditya Shaw, Intern Journalist): China has refused permission to start a chartered airline from India with the excuse of the Covid-19 epidemic. It is said that students of India who study in Chinese universities can take online classes from India itself. This information was given by the Indian Embassy in Beijing. The embassy had raised the issue of Indian students with the Chinese government. Despite the case of Covid being controlled in China and the situation being largely normal, authorities have implemented arbitrary rules in the name of epidemic prevention.

The Indian embassy in China issued a statement saying that the Indian embassy has raised the issue with China several times. India has raised the issue of resuming the study of Indian students enrolled in Chinese universities but there has been no positive response from China. Chinese authorities have denied permission to operate any chartered flights between India and China.

The issuance of Chinese visas to Indian nationals has been stalled since November 2, 2020. Now the situation has been fixed in China but the work of issuing visas has not started. Chinese authorities have refused to allow any airline or chartered service to start between the two countries. It is noteworthy that 23 thousand students from India study in Chinese universities. Most of these students have come to India during the Corona transition period.

Demand for change of crew of two stranded ships in China – Indian Embassy in Beijing has sought approval for change in the crew of two ships stranded in Chinese waters. The Foreign Ministry gave its information on Friday. Speaking at a virtual briefing, MEA spokesperson Anurag Shrivastava said that our Ambassador has again raised the issue personally with the Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister, and the two pilots were accompanied by Indian pilots Anand and MV Anastasia. Request for early approval for change of party.