Can Sunlight act as a natural disinfectant?


(Rishitha Jaladi, Intern Journalist) UK: We have learned about viruses in the classroom but never, in reality, did we realized they were this dangerous until COVID-19. This virus is spreading continuously and turned into a dangerous global pandemic. But a recent study stated Sunlight may rapidly render the coronavirus inactive, using stimulated sunlight conditions and exposure systems.

Sunlight acts as a natural disinfectant.

Conducting analysis, researchers concluded, The inactivation rate is dependant on the surface as well as the intensity of the sunlight. In a recent study published in the Journal of Infectious diseases, midday sunlight can inactivate 90% of the virus on the surface within 6.8 minutes. Ever since the virus spread to almost every part of the world, Scientists, have been trying to better understand the virus and how it responds under different circumstances. Earlier studies stated that the virus could sustain on several surfaces like plastic, wood, electronics, paper…etc.

The new findings, about the impact of sunlight on the virus, triggered a discussion once again, over whether natural sunlight can act as a disinfectant, for contaminated non-porous surfaces. The reports say it could provide more than a ray of hope, in the battle against COVID-19.