Bihar Weather Report: The cold will return to Bihar soon


(Anjali Shreya, Intern Journalist) Patna: The weather in Bihar has changed amazingly.  The cold has suddenly vanished beyond the expectation of the people.  At the time of which people keep expecting bitter cold, the heat of phalgun in the month of Pus is a reality in front of people.  People who have been chilled by the cold in December have suddenly shunned blankets and sweaters in early January.

In the month of January, where the people of Bihar often get chilled by the cold, this year January 2021 is passing away with the heat rather than cold.  Meteorological Department officials tell the reason behind this, Western disturbance.  According to weather experts, a western disturbance is the master key to Bihar’s cold.  The arrival of cold depends only on its arrival in Bihar.  This time the cold is missing due to its delay in coming to Bihar.