(Milcah Anila, Intern Journalist) New Delhi: Clarification on Group-1 will come during the Dussehra holidays.

The High Court, which was hearing the cases filed on the Group-1 preliminary examination in the AP, adjourned judgment in some cases. The court adjourned the hearing on some other cases till today (Tuesday).

Justice Rao Raghunandan Rao issued orders to this effect yesterday. It was clarified that the decision in these cases will be issued before the Dussehra holidays.

Going into details … APPSC conducted a preliminary examination in 2019 for the replacement of 169 Group‌ – 1 posts. Some have approached the high court alleging 51 errors.

He said that there were mistakes in the Telugu translation. The single judge who heard the case initially imposed a stay on the test results. The Service Commission examined the counter and lifted the stay.

Candidates have appealed against the stay. The CJ-led tribunal hearing the appeal said that it was not appropriate for a single judge to hear the whole matter. The case was heard by Justice Raghunandan Rao on Monday. APPSC lawyer Mallikarjuna Rao, while hearing the arguments, said that the questions would not be considered as there were 25 key errors in the key.

The trial was later adjourned. Clarification on this topic will come soon.