After Amitabh Bachchan’s appeal on KBC 12,


Jagriti Rai ( intern journalist ), Amitabh Bachchan’s recent appeal to the Madhya Pradesh government to reunite a police couple Living in different cities didn’t fall on the deaf ears. On Tuesday, the Shivraj Singh Chauhan administration ordered their transfer to the same city and reunited the couple

Amitabh appealed to the government after Jain Banega crorepati ( KBC ) contestant, Vivek Parmar, a constable in the traffic police in Mandsaur, revealed that he has been living apart from his wife, who is also a constable in the same department, for over 3 years. His wife was stationed in Gwalior, while he was living in Mandsaur

Now, his wife has been transferred to Mandsaur so that couple can live together. BJP MLA from Mandsaur Yashpal Singh Sisodia had also appealed to the MP CM to transfer this couple to Mandsaur