(Pooja Dubey, Intern Journalist) A 57-hour marathon curfew will begin in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, from the beginning of Corona’s rapidly growing transition. This curfew will start on Friday at 9 pm and will continue till 6 am on Monday 23 November. Meanwhile, rumors of a long lockdown spread throughout the city, after which people flocked to the market to buy essential items. Things have become such that there is no space left in the Kalupur market. In such a situation, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani appealed to the people to ignore the rumors. Also, the change in the decision to open the school from 23 November.

IAS officer of Gujarat, Dr. Rajiv Kumar Gupta tweeted about the 57-hour marathon curfew. He wrote, ‘Late night the Corona situation was reviewed. It was then decided that the full curfew would be imposed from 9:00 am Friday night to 6:00 am Monday in the city of Ahmedabad. Only shops selling milk and medicines will be allowed to remain open during this period.

Gujarat government had decided to open schools in Ahmedabad from 23 November. Now this decision has been postponed after rising Corona cases and 57-hour curfew. In fact, after the curfew was announced, the Education Department withdrew its decision. 

According to the information, people were stirred up after a 57-hour curfew was announced in Ahmedabad. Its effect started to appear soon after dawn and the market was crowded. During this time there was no space left in Ahmedabad’s Kalupur market. Actually, the rumor of a long lockdown was spread in Ahmedabad. In such a situation, CM Vijay Rupani himself came forward and tried to convince the people. He said, ‘This is just a rumor. Gujarat will not face lockdown. This is just the weekend curfew, which will remain from 9 am Friday to 6 am Monday.