18 laborers injured in shuttering of under-construction warehouse


Aatmja Kumari(Intern Journalist): Sarojninagar: In an under construction warehouse on Monday, a sudden shuttering broke while putting an RCC roof. In this accident, about 18 laborers engaged in roofing work fell down and were badly injured. Shortly, he was admitted to a private hospital in Banthara.

According to the police, the warehouse under construction of the capital resident Dinesh Aggarwal is near Behatwa village on the Nadarganj-Amausi railway station road in Sarojninagar. In this, roofing work was done by builder SK Sharma at 25 feet height through a mixer machine. During this time, about 24 laborers were working on this shuttering work. Then at around 1:30 in the afternoon, a sudden shuttering of iron sheet fell down.

Working on it due to the breaking of shuttering, Budhi Lal (32), resident of Khatola, Banthara, Munnu Singh (38) of Ballu Kheda, Akhtar (35), Ishtiaq Ali (36), Barkat Ali (50), Aslam (27), Bani village ) And Chhattarpur resident of Madhya Pradesh province and currently working in the warehouse premises with family, Pappu (35), Hariram (18), Raju (38), Ramesh (40), Bablu (42), Kajal (25) , Shanti (23), Ramadevi (24), Vikas (30), Ram Kumari (18) and Ramrati (19), etc. The workers were badly injured after falling below 25 feet height. There was a shout from this accident. Other laborers working on the spot started running around.